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How do you approach the death of a loved one when it's a family member? How do you help a loved one transition to the final chapter of the journey? Phillip Williams is faced with that challenge when his sister is told she has days to live. A seasoned hospice chaplain, the author faces the challenge of being a brother and being her minister. In this warm and inspiring book, Williams chronicles the last days of his sister Frances' sacred journey. The book is filled with divine wisdom on how to live without excuses and finish the journey with dignity and grace. This tender account of how Frances lived her faith is an inspiration to all.

Don't Go There!------Timnah Is Not God's Plan For You takes us back in time to an old Biblical story of the character Samson. Unlike other writings on this character, Dr. Williams focuses not on the end result of Samson's life and troubles with the prostitute Delilah, rather he shares with the reader the single incident of disobedience to the Word and will of God which changed Samson's life forever and the lives of others. To help bridge this story into the 21st century similar events, which have changed the lives of many are parallel with the life of Samson to demonstrate the high cost of avoiding sound advice and the Word of God. These stories will not only stimulate your thoughts but also touch your heart as each person shares their personal stories of failure to help us avoid the pitfalls of life's bad decisions. As a bonus you will receive sound biblical instructions to aide you in discovering God' plan for our lives and avoid our Timnah experience.

Be The Presence Of God: In Life's Trials and Transitions stands apart from other works on the subject of care-giving. It provides up-close and personal caring stories and insights from various home, hospital and hospice care settings. The inclusion of verbatim dialogue between the patient, caregiver, chaplain and medical staff from the start of care until the patient's last breath is taken, guiding the reader to compassionate action. This first-hand account shows a life-long journey of being the presence of God to those in need at their point of need, offering the reader tools to assist them in caregiving.

G.A.L.S, is an eye-opening reminder to us that sin is anything that separates us and others from God. Even good things can become sinful, if they bring harm to our relationships. Gambling, alcoholism, lies and inappropriate sexual behavior are destroyers of lives and relationships.

Selfishness A Whale of a Story, reveals the true nature and progressive patterns of a selfish person. It unlocks the lost message of the story of Jonah, a prophet of God driven primarily by selfishness-not-only rebellion-to defy God's will. He stubbornly wished to die instead of leading a sinful people to repent and discover God's blessings. With real-life anecdotes and insightful biblical and academic research, this easy-to-read book walks us through the lives of victims and perpetrators of selfishness sharing... How to respond to the commands of God. How to identify acts of selfishness in our own lives. How to recognize selfishness before it becomes narcissism. How to incorporate positive acts of selflessness in our lives. Extra emphasis is focused on the family! You will gain insight into the impact of unchecked selfishness by children and adults. Complete a checklist to help you identify the behavior patterns and proper corrective steps to take.

This audio book of poetry is a special reading of poems written by Dr. Williams with seasonal music in the back ground to take you on a picture painted trip to days of Christmas past. This reading is sure to bring joy and fond memories for the holiday season and beyond.

Twelve Days of Christmas "Reliving the Memories" is the perfect gift book of poems reflecting on the twelve days of Christmas delivering the reader back in time to reflect on Christmas memories. This book provides pictures relative to each day and a special section for personal memories of Christmas past to be recorded. It is a gift for all seasons.

Joy Out of Mystery shares the birth of Jesus Christ in a beautiful narrative style. William's inspired reading of Matthew 1:18 -2:23. Transports listeners back to the events surrounding Christ's birth. Discloses the fulfillment of divine prophesy of how Joy enters the world. Demonstrates the power of the Word of God to bring joy out of mystery. Draws us together for a special time of reflection, recounting the Joy of celebrating Christ's birth.

Relevant, Revealing, and Revitalizing Devotionals For Busy People Your life is on loan to you from God, and He's depending on you to maintain a steady diet of His word to feed your mind and spirit. With our fast-paced lives, finding time to do that is difficult. In just minutes per reading, Jumpstart Your Week: 52 Devotionals Out of My Briefcase uses Dr. Williams' real-life, day-to-day duties as a hospice chaplain/minister-diagnostician to give insightful biblical thought to encourage and sustain you. These devotionals will help you increase your faith, biblical awareness, and spiritual appetite for the meat of the Word of God. The devotions address: * Grief and Loss * Joy and Happiness * Change * Dealing with the Past * Peace * Respect * Overcoming Rejection As an added bonus, you'll receive an eight-day financial challenge touching on key biblical references to improve how you handle and think about finances.

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366 - flip cards of daily reflections with a devotional Word. Each reflection addresses common issues, provides encouragement, challenges, and directions for life. (May be purchased with or without a wooden desktop stand).

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